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National Guard Association of Indiana

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August 26th - August 29th
Columbus, OH

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August 7th - August 10th
Little Rock, AR

- est. 1964 -

We Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

Have you been frustrated when:

  • You hear a member of state or national legislature diminish the importance of the National Guard
  • Funding for the National Guard is at risk
  • You feel like you have to yell harder and louder for your point to be considered
  • Your benefits are up for debate and you don’t know who to talk to
  • You can’t advocate on your own behalf in fear of retribution
  • You are treated differently than your active duty counterparts

Your Support System as Indiana Guardsmen

As one of the largest military lobbying organizations, the National Guard Association of Indiana advocates on your behalf to ensure that your rights and benefits are constantly improving for you and your family.

- National Guard Association of Indiana, Inc. -

The National Guard Association of Indiana is Committed to Fighting for Your Benefits as Guardsmen

As a member of the National Guard Association of Indiana, you’ll receive exclusive benefits designed to support you and your family.

Representation at the Indiana State House and Capitol Hill
You need resources and civilian advocates to fight for your benefits and rights
Professional Development
Access exclusive professional development opportunities and scholarships.
Generous Benefits and Insurance
Insurance supplements designed specifically for National Guard members

Hear from Guardsmen Who Trust NGAI to Advocate on Their Behalf

NGAI provides top quality service and takes care of the needs of Indiana National Guard soldiers and airmen. Their life insurance, events, and programs are all designed to serve Guard Members. Joining NGAI is a no-brainer.

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Ensure Your Rights and Benefits as Guardsmen are Guaranteed

1. Join the National Guard Association of Indiana

Get access to the exclusive membership benefits available to you.

2. Get a Personal Advocate

Communicate directly with our team to express your concerns.

3. Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

The National Guard Association promotes legislative actions and fights for your rights.

We’re in Your Corner + Here to Support

As a member of the National Guard, you need the peace of mind that your rights and benefits are protected. Unfortunately, it can be tough to ensure your concerns are heard by the people who have the power to make a difference.

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As a member of the National Guard Association of Indiana, you have direct access to civilian leaders that can fight for you at the state and local level. We constantly advocate on your behalf and help pass legislation that directly benefits you and your family. We know you work hard to protect our great country, now it’s time to let us protect you. Together, we will continue to ensure you are valued as a service member in this country.
- est. 1964 -

As National Guardsmen, you put your life on the line to protect our community, state and our great nation from harm.

Unfortunately, you don’t always get the same support as your active-duty counterparts. Advocating on your own can be overwhelming and make you feel like your voice isn’t being heard.

Together, we’ll make sure you get the benefits, equipment and training you deserve.

Join over 3200 Guardsmen

Member benefits include:

Representation at the Indiana State House and Capitol Hill
Scholarships and grants to further your education
Professional development resources
Exclusive access to the NGAI Conference, EANGUS Annual Conference and the NGAUS Conference
Insurance supplements designed for members of the National Guard
A monthly subscription to NATIONAL GUARD magazine
Exclusive access to articles and legislative analysis
- National Guard Association of Indiana, Inc. -

Join the National Guard Association of Indiana